FAE VIDEO provides aerial shooting from stable multirotor drones with DSLR cameras mounted.

Aerial filming by FAE VIDEO

FAE drone with Sony camera mounted

We offer high quality aerial photography and aerial filming with remote control and video link. Flights are made with lightweight custom built drone with cutting edge technologies. Drones use ultra-light technology with electric propulsion and brushless image stabilizer and are operated from the ground through RC.
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Aerial inspection with drones by FAE VIDEO

FAE VIDEO provides visual aerial inspection of high and inaccessible structures using drones multirotor. Inspection results are offered in digital format as photos or video.

Aerial footage advantages:

FAE VIDEO - drone air shooting demonstration
  • spectacular view, intense emotion due to viewer's point of view
  • integrates the objective in the scenery
  • provides an overview of the objective, utilities and access roads near the target
  • offers a 3D perspective

Maximum altitude of shooting exceeds urban photography needs regarding quality and clarity and flight autonomy is constantly growing.

If you are passionate about flying and photography and want to join the FAE team, please contact us.